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Samsung Xpress M2875FW, a Really Good and Affordable AirPrint Laser Printer

Updated on 2014/02/11: The Samsung Xpress M2875FW can have compatibility issues with iOS 8. If you’re not able to print from an iOS 8 device, try the suggestions in Samsung Xpress M2875FW / AirPrint iOS 8 Compatibility Issues, it has worked for me.

If you’re looking for a good AirPrint laser printer and affordable, the Samsung Xpress M2875FW is for you. There are a lot of cheap AirPrint inkjets, but due to the price of ink cartridges, I have been looking for a good laser printer.

My wish list was:

After a lot of researches, I’ve found a printer that answers to each point of my wish list: the Samsung Xpress M2875FW. The Samsung Xpress M2875FW is an affordable (currently $189.99 on Amazon, subject to price change) multi-function printer, with AirPrint support, duplex printing and relatively small (15.8 x 14.3 x 14.4 inches / 40.3 x 36.3 x 36.6 cm):

Samsung Xpress M2875FW

When doing my researches, I tried to find how good was the support of AirPrint for each possible printer. I wanted to be able to have a built-in support, and I discarded any printer that allow printing only from a third party app. If you want to be sure that you future printer will support AirPrint out-of-the-box, my advise is to check this official list of AirPrint printers by Apple.

The Amazon page of the M2875FW indicates that there is a newer model, the M2885FW, but as this newer model was not listed on the Apple AirPrint support page, I have preferred to try and buy the M2875FW. The printer has been really easy to setup (on my MacBook Pro on Mavericks), you just have to launch the Samsung install CD and follow the instructions for AirPrint. Once the printer is installed on the MacBook Pro, printing from any iPhone or iPad is immediate, with no-setup. It’s kind of magic (like all the other Air technologies, AirDrop and AirPlay).

I’m really happy with my new printer and can’t recommend it enough. The only minus point is the cost of Samsung toners, that are above the average laser toners (around 10c / page); on the other hand, the M2875FW has an eco mode, but I haven’t finished a full toner to check the real cost.

Buy the M2875FW on Amazon - affiliated link

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