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Testing on iOS / OSX: There Is an Apple Framework for That

The new issue of is about Testing. Really a good new issue with a lot of interesting stuff. Being in the iOS development since 5-6 years, I’ve seen testing to be taken more and more seriously, if not by third parties, certainly by Apple.

But, man, 8 articles on testing on iOS, and not only one mention of UIAutomation, the core Apple framework for UI testing… Really?

If you want more information on UIAutomation (now spelled UI Automation by Apple), I recommend you the top read article on our blog iOS Automated Tests with UIAutomation. It’s a little dated, but I think it’s still a good base for learning UIAutomation.

What I love about UIAutomation is that it depends on accessibility: to be able to test your user interface, you have to make it accessible. So clever!

iOS Automated Tests with UIAutomation

Launching UIAutomation Tests in Command Line

Automated Static Code Analysis with Xcode 5.1 and Jenkins

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