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First Run Wizard in iOS Apps

More and more iOS apps use first run wizard for their first time launch. This welcome page can give your user a sense of the app features and how you can use it. These welcome pages have a kind of standard UI (a page control with 4 or 5 pages then the login screen), but it can also be a place of experimentation (beautiful animations, physics etc….).

Some interesting examples:



Thanks for pointing this one to me!



Even Apple can add a first run wizard, in Numbers for instance

When there is only static text and images, I find the welcome screen less effective, and you just want to skip the welcome pages to go to the login ones, like in Office:

Imagine if the city in page 4 was full of life and little animations

Really, it’s not a bad idea to polish this first time experience (and also to provide a skip button for the users who already know your app).

From jc.

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