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RIP Hamburger Menu

From Brent Jackson, in Hamburgers & Basements: Why Not to Use Left Nav Flyouts (via Michael Tsai):

Another, more obvious downside to the left nav flyout is its inefficiency: tap a hard-to-reach button, wait for an animation, scroll a list while scanning for the item you want, tap again, and wait for another animation. Your user doesn’t have time for that – don’t subject them to such nonsense.

Having a lot of functionality and complexity in your product is no excuse. If your navigation has more than five items at the top-level, that’s just lazy information architecture. Too many choices is bad anywhere, especially on a 4-inch display.

I really dislike the Hamburger menu, and I’m glad that Facebook has ditched it. The reasons why I don’t like it:

Also, an interesting Twitter thread from Marco Arment about hamburgers menu (considering that Instapaper is still using one):

Can I admit here that I hate hamburger/basement navigation, I think we’ll look back on it with regret as a bad fad, and I’m not using it?

In Instapaper, I really find it useless: the slide gesture to reveal the menu is not "interactive" (it doesn’t follow your thumb), and doesn’t feel like the standard iOS7 system gesture.

I really hope the hamburger menu will progressively disappear from iOS apps: if we have bigger 5 inch iPhones soon, it will really become irrevelant and harder to use.

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