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Meon Soundtrack by Benjamin Devos

Speaking of awesome video game soundtracks, I love musics in Meon. When working on Meon, we did the graphics ourselves, it was a lot of work, especially when Retina devices appeared. When we begun to work on the soundtracks, we decided to hire a real professional composer.

If you want to make a game, here is my best advice: hire professional graphics and music composers, don’t waste time and energy on graphics and musics, just work with people that know much about it than you. You will spend more money for sure, but the result will be greater.

I’m so glad we have found the right person for Meon soundtracks: Benjamin Devos. Benjamin has done a wonderful work, and the result is simply excellent.

Blue of Brave, levels 1 - 9

Green Peace, levels 10 - 19

Purple Choice, levels 20 - 29

Orange Juice, levels 30 - 39

Ochre Majesty, levels 40 - 49

Meon Swing, Intro

More info on Benjamin’s website and his SoundCloud page.

Some reviews on the App Store:

Music, by derrickkendall - Aug 13, 2011:
The music is very catchy and unique, especially after level 10. I enjoyed that. A nice puzzle game

I love that game, by Opuspop:
The music in this game is awesome, the graphics are really nice and the puzzles addictive. Thumbs up

Musique et gameplay magnifiques, by ogechter - Mar 21, 2013:
Tout est dans le titre.
Si je trouve la musique en MP3, je me la passe en boucle.

Fantabulous, Paisa-vasool…killer :), by connect2ajay - May 05, 2013:
Meon commends Respect for Awesome music, game play & cutie Meons ;)
To whosoever I’ve shown the game, becomes addicted, hence proved :)
Thank you Meon Team for this Gem of a Puzzle Game. Looking forward to Meon 2….Waaaaaooooo ;D

From jc.

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