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How to Use the iOS Simulator and Others OSX Apps Behind Your Corporate Proxy

In a word: cntlm!

If you work in a big company, chances are good that you’be been fighting your proxies IT guys, in particular if your proxy is a NTLM one.

You should configure your login/password proxy in the System configuration of OSX. That way, every OSX application can read your proxy settings and use it.

While this method is really simple, I’ve found a lot of applications that doesn’t work well with my company’s NTLM proxy, even if I’ve configured it in the System Preferences:

cntlm is a simple command line that stands between your applications and the corporate proxy, adding NTLM authentication on-the-fly. Your OSX system uses a local proxy (by default localhost:3128) provided by cntlm and cntlm does the hard work of always adding the NTLM authentification. You can use cntlm in interactive mode i.e. in a shell that you launch and stop on demand, or install it to be started at launch with your session.

Installing and configuring cntlm is a matter of minute and, after, you will say goodbye to your proxy issues.

The best tutorial I’ve found on cntlm is from _oho: Howto Set Cntlm on Mac OS X. Installation and overview are simply described and there are some really good tip and tricks. If you work behind a corporate proxy, be sure to read it, your life will change!

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