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Reachability Sample Broken on 64-bit Architecture

Here is what I’m waiting for iOS 8:

Snow Leopard 0 new feature

Courtesy of John Siracusa

There are a lot of little annoyances in iOS 7 that should be fixed. I dream of a Snow Leopard 0 new features release for iOS 8 with a lot of bug fixes. This time, @_wolfover_ has found a rather serious bug in the Apple Reachability Sample.

If you download the reachability sample, and launch it on an iPhone 5s, with an active cellular connection, you will see this result:

Reachability sample

Everything looks OK, the cellular connection is well recognized.

Now, if you modify the sample build settings to take advantage of 64-bit architectures (Target > Build Settings > Architectures) from "Standard Architectures (armv7, armv7s)" to "Standard Architectures (including 64-bit) (armv7, armv7s, armv64)"

Build settings

and run the sample, you should see this:

Reachability sample 64-bit

Reachability thinks that there is no active cellular connection! I think it’s a serious bug, I’ve certainly missed something but just recompiling Reachability for 64-bit shouldn’t produce a different result. I hope I’m wrong, but in the meantime I’ve filled a bug report (rdar://15880397) and you should too!

From jc.

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