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Find Unused Images in Xcode Project

Introducing ack

ack is a powerful grep replacement, I use it everyday to search for patterns in files. For instance, if I want to search for occurrences of CMBitmapNumberView in my source project, I just type:

ack CMBitmapNumberView 

and instantaneously, I can see where this string is used. The good thing about ack is that ack defaults to only searching source code. In case of iOS projects, it means that it will search inside *.h, *.m, *.xib, *.plist etc… It just works and if you’re not already convinced, read the Top 10 reasons to use ack for source code.

Installing ack on OSX (piece of cake)

On OSX, you can install ack with homebrew:

brew install ack

Find unused images in Xcode project

As ack is searching through source code files and xib files, you can use it to search for images usage.

For instance, if I want to know where is used the image ’BigButton.png’, I just type:

ack BigButton

and ack will look though .m, .h and .xib files. Thanks to this Stack Overflow thread, I use ack to find unused images in my Xcode project, with this litte script:


for i in `find . -name "*.png" -o -name "*.jpg"`; do 
    file=`basename -s .jpg "$i" | xargs basename -s .png | xargs basename -s @2x`
    result=`ack -i "$file"`
    if [ -z "$result" ]; then
        echo "$i"

So usefull if you like to have a clean project!

From jc.

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