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LightPaper, a free OSX Markdown Editor

LightPaper is a simple, beautiful, powerful and free text editor for OSX. I’ve just test it a few minutes but I already love it. It works especially well if you’re writing in Markdown.


Under the cover, is a static generated blog. It uses a small PHP script to generate the entire blog each time we add new articles (the generation of the entire blog lasts less than 1s). Each article is a Markdown file (you can see the original Markdown file by appending .md at the end of an article url like this

Writing a new article with LightPaper is a real pleasure. The killer features for me:

I used to write with the venerable BBEdit but LightPaper has become my favorite tool for Markdown writing. Well down Clockwork Engine!

LightPaper is free but I wouldn’t mind to pay a few bucks for such a great editor. There is also an Android version, can’t wait for the iOS one.

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