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Consistent vs Uniform

When I installed few days ago the iOS 7 revamp version of Apple podcast app, it made me remember how much I dislike the iOS 7 new design. From the first version of iPhone OS to iOS 6, I believe one of the key strength of the platform was achieving a consistency in the UI, while having some freedom with color, textures, animations etc… The transitions between views were strongly coherent from apps to apps, buttons were instantaneously recognisable as tappable element, interactions were or intuitive either easily learnable, always enjoyable. With every developer/designer gaining experience, apps become a field of UI innovation, while remaining coherent and consistent.

With iOS 7 new design principles, I feel this consistency has become too strong, and now we have uniformity.

Quoting Matt Gemmell’s iOS 7 first impressions

Breathable whitespace is everywhere, and is used to unify and homogenise previously disparate interface styles

Here is a batch of (not randomly choosen) iOS 7 Apple and third parties apps screenshots. Yes the interface is homogeneous. In fact, everything is white! Everything is dull, identical, uniform.

In a word, boring.

New iOS 7 version of Podcast app

Mail and Calendar


Music and Notes

Alarm and Maps

Phone and Game Center

This white plague has also spread through third parties apps:

Tweetbot and Nike

Kickstarter and Ted

Frankly, I miss the days were differences between apps were not limited to some tint color, or bold font.

Of course, we are just at the beginning of a new area, designers and developers need to learn the new UI paradigms and invent new designs. But, I’m already fed-up with this white, flat minimalism: if you’re updating your app for iOS 7, at least don’t go with the stock white appearance like a tons of others apps.

Frankly, do you think Apple is going to wait this time 6 years before introducing a new radical change?

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