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Exedore, an OSX Native Python IDE

Whouah! A bargain at $9.99 (or 7€59) (via Michael Tsai) !

Exedore is very fast to launch, totally native and has the same look as Xcode 4.x. This is a pretty strong 0.1.1 version which includes:

I’ve tested some of my Python scripts and I’m impressed by this editor/debugger. This is going to be my go-to IDE for Python scripting. I’m currently using PyCharm which is a rock solid Python IDE, with lot of features (like PEP 8 live validation, support for virtualenv, etc..). But for little projects, PyCharm seems a bit overkill (and also have a small smell of Java apps…).

Exedore is in its enfancy, but it shows a lot of promises. I really hope Todd Ditchendorf will keep improving it and add features while keeping it simple and fast.

Exedore IDE Exedore single window

Exedore Doc Fast Python documentation access

What I would like to have for the next versions:

Overall, I strongly recommend you to try Exedore, if you’re in the Python Way of Life.

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