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UIAlertView’s contentView Property Removed From iOS 7

This is bad news for iOS developers, the newly contentView property of UIAlertView, announced in "Building User Interfaces for iOS 7" WWDC session, has been cancelled. From the UIKit evangelist on Apple forum:

This API addition has been removed from iOS 7. Please file an enhancement request if you would like to see it in a future release.

Too bad, there were a hearty round of applause from developers after the announcement at the WWDC. Simply because, since iOS 2, appart from the addition of textField property, there has been no simple way to customize UIAlertView. Until iOS 6, you could add some views to the UIAlertView subviews hierarchy, but this doesn’t seems to work anymore on iOS 7 (at least, in Beta 4).

Not good…

From jc.

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