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Prince of Persia Code Review by Fabien Sanglard

#38 - Jordan Mechner - 06/16/2013 - 05:31
Fabien, you’re doing an amazing job of reconstructing and explaining the source code better than I could myself. You’re reminding me of things I’d completely forgotten after 25 years. Please don’t stop now… I’m curious to see how it turns out! :)

This comment by the creator of Prince of Persia himself shows how great are Fabien Sanglard’s articles. Be aware: Prince of Persia is now under Fabien’s retro engineering super powers.

From Doom, Another World, Duke Nukem 3D to Quake 3, Fabien did a lot of impressive, detailed, explained, and marvellous code reviews on these mythical hits. Fabien shows how imaginative and creative had to be a video game’s creator in these archaeological days!

If you’re interested in video games, a must read.

From jc.

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