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Download Videos and Slides from WWDC 2013

If you want to download the videos and slides from WWDC 2013, we have written a small Python script that do this.

You can download this script here It’s very simple to use, just type:

 python ~/Tmp/ --pdf --sd

to download PDF and SD videos slides under ~/Tmp. You will need Python 2.7 or + (which is by default on OSX), and Beautiful Soup 4 package (which can simply be installed by typing pip install beautifulsoup4). In order to keep this very simple, this script doesn’t connect to the WWDC 2013 videos site but parse a local HTML copy.

Finally, this script is under DWYW (Do What You Want) license.

Update: a better version, in full bash with no dependencies has been done by my friend Olivier. This version connects directly to the WWDC page and does the authentication! Cool!

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