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Attack on the Consoles

Sprite Kit


WWDC 2013 has just finished and there is so much new stuff, new APIs, new UI, new frameworks that I’m a bit overwhelmed: iOS 7 is just a brand new platform. IOS fast iteration is really impressive, and even if I don’t like the new (beta) iOS 7 UI, I’m impressed by all the new powerful APIs that we will be able to use in our apps.

Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting WWDC of the iOS era.

If I’ve only one thing to remember, and just one thing among all these incredibles new toys, it will be Sprite Kit. Sprite Kit is the Apple war machine against Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. It’s Cocos2D[1] on steroids, integrated in the OS. It will not replace or kill all the AAA games, but it’s the perfect tools for the casual market and the portable consoles. Besides, in the same time, Microsoft is planning to phase out XNA

Of course, Sprite Kit targets only 2D games, for the moment. But, from OpenGL’s perspective, everything is 3D and Sprite Kit being a thin object overlay on OpenGL, I can see Sprite Kit incorporate 3D APIs in the future releases.

Can’t wait to use it…

See you next year!

From jc.

  1. You can read here an interesting point about the future of Cocos 2D 

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