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Meon on iOS: the 1,000,000 Hallmark

Meon 1,000,000

We’re proud to announce that, just today, more than 1,000,000 people have downloaded Meon on iOS.

It’s quite an achievement for a 3 person company and it’s very impressive to imagine that, at least, 1,000,000 person have seen and played to our handcrafted game.

Some recent App Store comments:

Fiendishly devious, by tokiedave - Apr 13, 2013:
Now 3.30am and my insomnia is being made bearable by playing this. Great stuff.

Very addictive, by The-Style - Apr 12, 2013:
Love it - can’t put it down, real bonus that it works on all platforms.

Very good game, by Wonthatile - Apr 12, 2013:
Add more levels…One of the best thinking games i know!!!

Nice Game, by Tarun84 - Apr 12, 2013:
Great game guys this is really first time i am writing a review for a game nice work

A fresh new idea for a puzzle app, by Simon in Leeds - Apr 12, 2013:
Great puzzle app. Works well with no problems. Very good. Can’t fault it.

Thanks to all Meon’s player!

From jc.

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