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Using IB, or not Using IB

From Brent Simmons in How Much, or How Little, I Use Interface Builder These Days:

Eschewing IB does mean writing code to create and configure your views. And that is, no doubt about it, more code.

But I look at it this way: it’s fewer entities. For each line of code there would have been a corresponding thing in IB.

And fixing a thing in code is simpler than fixing it in IB — because as programmers we’re optimized for code-writing.

Want to fix a color or change the position of a view? I like doing it the way I solve every other problem: I code it.

Convinced by fellows developers (Hello Toulouse), I basically use less and less Interface Builder. If I’ve to code a very static screen, I will use Interface Builder; in all others use cases, I will do everything in code.

Pros of coding vs Interface Builder:

By the way, Brent does also a very good podcast with Michael Simmons: Identical Cousins.

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