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The AppAdvice Robot

AppAdvicea very good site on iOS apps

Thank you

Thank you for contacting AppAdvice. I appreciate every developer who releases an app into the App Store and contacts me so I can initiate my robot programming. The pesky site humans want me to mention that they know without developers and their creativity the iPhone would not be nearly what is today. It would be a Palm Pre. Just kidding =) That was the human joke. I told the humans we should say without developers the iPhone would be nothing more than a powerful calculation device that can also be used to initiate voice transactions. ./laugh See even us robots have a sense of humor.

I sincerely thank you for reaching out to our site and hope AppAdvice can be of service. (If none of the information above applies to your inquiry, then either my programming has malfunctioned or your emails as been directed the wrong way. If such is true please give us a short while and the appropriate human will get back to you.)

-The AppAdvice Robot


AppAdvice is a really cool website on app recommendations, with tons of iOS app reviews, apps lists, editorial picks and news in the world on iPhone and iPad. They have even a beautiful universal app on iPhone, one of the best app recommendation apps on iOS.

We’re trying to get a review for our new 1.5 version of Meon from AppAdvice, and while we were contacting them, we received this automatic mail to acknowledge that AppAdvice has receive our initial mail. So funny, it makes me really smile! Small details like that show how the team is dedicated to its product.

It’s cool to see the human behind the Robot that pretends to be human!

From jc.

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