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UICollectionView is the New UITableView

Ole Begemann:

The Awesomest UI Class I’ve Ever Seen
UICollectionView is spectacular. The combination of a clear interface and incredible flexibility make it an absolute masterpiece of API design. The UIKit engineers who designed it have truly outdone themselves. It is by far my favorite feature of the iOS 6 SDK.

Mugunth Kumar:

Nothing created as much buzz at WWDC 2012 as UICollectionView

Aleksandar Vacić:

Just finished watching sessions 205 and 219 from WWDC 2012. Barely containing excitement. :)) UICollectionView* stuff is Magic, pure Magic.

Steve Streza:

Attention Internet: Now that iOS 6 is out, I can say this. UICollectionView is fucking awesome. It will change the face of iOS apps.

And my favorite:

Mattt Thompson:

UICollectionView is the new UITableView. It’s that important.

Surely, the UICollectionView sessions at the WWDC were the most impressive and coolest sessions. Be sure to watch the videos Introducing Collection Views and Advanced Collection Views and Building Custom Layouts. If you develop on iOS, now you have to master UICollectionView.

From jc.

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