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How to Determine iOS Hardware Model?

In case you don’t know, there is a really useful category extension on UIDevice by Erica Sadun. With this category, you can easily detect what hardware model your app is running on. It’s always fun to see a new iPhone model in your stat before the “official” Apple announcement.

The platform selector will give you:

iPhone1,1iPhone 1G, M68
iPhone1,2iPhone 3G, N82
iPhone2,1iPhone 3GS, N88
iPhone3,1iPhone 4/AT&T, N89
iPhone3,2iPhone 4/Other Carrier?, ??
iPhone3,3iPhone 4/Verizon, TBD
iPhone4,1(iPhone 4S/GSM), TBD
iPhone4,2(iPhone 4S/CDMA), TBD
iPhone4,3(iPhone 4S/???)
iPhone5,1 iPhone 5TBD
iPod1,1iPod touch 1G, N45
iPod2,1iPod touch 2G, N72
iPod2,2Unknown, ??
iPod3,1iPod touch 3G, N18
iPod4,1iPod touch 4G, N80
iPad1,1iPad 1G, WiFi and 3G, K48
iPad2,1iPad 2G, WiFi, K93
iPad2,2iPad 2G, GSM 3G, K94
iPad2,3iPad 2G, CDMA 3G, K95
iPad3,1(iPad 3G, WiFi)
iPad3,2(iPad 3G, GSM)
iPad3,3(iPad 3G, CDMA)
iPad4,1(iPad 4G, WiFi)
iPad4,2(iPad 4G, GSM)
iPad4,3(iPad 4G, CDMA)

To be updated with the iPhone 5… and soon the iPad Mini ?…

From jc.

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