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Play Your Beloved Abandonwares on OSX with Boxer

Updated on 2012/09/19: Really nice review of Boxer by Ars Technica. The conclusion:

The Good
Beautiful interface
Near-universal game support
Painless MT-32 emulation lets you rediscover new things in old games
Supernal example of OS X’s “it just works” design philosophy

The Bad
The ability to force certain display modes (like “always use CGA”) would be nice for uber-retro gaming
Couldn’t quite figure out how to make Gravis Ultrasound support work with the titles I had available to test

The Ugly
The only thing ugly about this app is not using it!

Lands Of Lore

Well, those kids don’t know the real games: Lands of Lore, Ultima VII, Gabriel Knight, Monkey Island etc… You can play easily to these gems with the venerable DOSBox, but there is a much better alternative on OSX for you guys: Boxer!

Boxer is built on DOSBox, is totally free, and seamlessly integrated in OSX. You can play to the best games of the 80s and 90s, all the great blockbusters that you can find on for instance.

Don’t hesitate, and grab it now!

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