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Tiny Wings 2


Remember the Tiny games of the year 2011? Well, Tiny Wings has been updated: the v2.0 is improved with Retina graphics, there is a new race mode (where you can compete against 4 others cute birds), and performances are even better (in the previous version, there was an imperceptible delay when you flight over a new island, but this delay is not here anymore). The game is gorgeous, Retina graphics are really cute and superb, the attention to detail from the only developer Andreas Illiger is impressive.

And there is more: Tiny Wings is finally coming to iPad, with also a Retina treatment. Graphics look terrific and the fluidity is perfect. You can even play against a friend on the same iPad…

I’ve captured some screenshots but they don’t show the pixel-perfection and the polish - in every screen - of this app.

Only one default: the game is not universal, so if you want to benefit from the superb iPad version, you’ll have to pay some bucks again.

I love this game.

A new mode: Tiny race!

Tiny Wings screenshot 1

Tiny Wings screenshot 2

Tiny Wings screenshot 3

Tiny Wings screenshot 4

Tiny Wings screenshot 5

Face to face

Tiny Wings trailer

Tiny Wings screenshot 6

Classic game, always good, feel quick

Tiny Wings screenshot 7

Tiny Wings screenshot 8

Tiny Wings screenshot 9

From jc.

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