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App Store Binaries Corruption

Updated on 2012/07/05: The App Store Gate is growing. Marco updated his post, counting more than 114 apps that have issues, including big apps on the french market like L’, W9 and M6. Still, big silence from Apple.

Long story short, don’t send any new apps or updates in the next few days to the App Store.

Marco Arment blogged this yesterday on Corrupt App Store binaries crashing on launch:

If you’re a developer, and you have a non-critical update pending release, I suggest waiting a few days for this to presumably get sorted out before releasing it.

I’ve first seen it before at the end of June, with the update of GoodReader. Developers of GoodReader have done a support page specifically for this problem:

After investigating this issue, we’ve discovered that the update itself is fully functional. It appears that Apple has recently changed something in their app distribution engine, and ever since that change there are ongoing problems at Apple’s end. These problems result in a number of customers receiving a damaged binary which doesn’t start after updating apps on their devices.

Apple has to quickly fix the problem, but I suspect that something is broken in the app distribution/installation since iOS 5. I don’t count the number of time that an app doesn’t finish an installation, or that I’ve a popup with an app saying that "App can’t be installed". I’m using a 4S, on the last iOS 5.1.1, not jailbroken.

It’s Apple at it worst: pretty serious problem, but we’ll never have any acknowledgments, nor explanation, or even public communication.

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