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iPad Keyboard Improvments

From Andy Ihnatko in Apple’s post-PC world:

Side-notes to Apple: if you were serious when you said that the iPad is a serious computer, you need to beef up the iPad’s keyboard support. The arrow keys should map to screen up/screen down in every scrolling text; I should be able to rotate between running apps by hitting Cmd-Tab, as I can in Mac OS; Pages should let me apply boldface and italics via keyboard shortcuts, and it shouldn’t ‘help’ me extend selected text the way it does when I’m selecting via touch.

I love my iPad and if you look at all the available text editor on iPad, it’s quite obvious that content generation (and obviously text content) is big on iPad. With iOS 6 coming, Apple must improve the keyboard support on iPad:

  1. By improving the hardware keyboard support: switching between apps from the hardware keyboard, improving text selection etc…
  2. By improving the build-in software keyboard: if you look at this video, you can see how the software keyboard could be used as a trackpad for quick text selection (Thanks to Daniel Hooper)

The ’Undo’ feature is also very very awkward on iPad: shake your iPad to undo some typo doesn’t work. I dislike this undo gesture on iPhone too by the way.

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