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RESTful Series by Mugunth Kumar

Mugunth Kumar has just started a serie on RESTful API Server - Doing it the right way:

Success of a startup depends on the success of their product, whether it’s their iOS app or their service or their API. In my past 3 years, I’ve worked on a variety of iOS apps (mostly for startups) consuming web services and in this blog, I’ve tried to consolidate my knowledge and show you the best practices that you should adopt when developing a RESTful API.

I’m looking forward to the next articles of this serie on RESTful. As I’ve already said, Mugunth is the author of very interesting and powerful frameworks, like MKNetworkKit and MKStoreKit. Looking at our blog stats, there are some people that are looking for MKNetworkKit ressources, so I believe that the framework is gaining some momentum among iOS developers.

Speaking of RESTful, RESTful Web Services from Leonard Richardson & Sam Ruby, is a very good book on this subject. Lot of real examples, where Leonard compares the theory and the practice (with Flickr, Amazon S3 etc…).

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