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Architects ?

From Deep Shah, in Be a Programmer not an Architect!:

A lot of architects that I have met, have stopped doing active programming. Most of their time is spend in attending meetings, calls and drawing some pretty diagrams.

You might think whats wrong with that?

Well, I think (and these are strictly my views), If someone is not in touch with programming then how can he/she suggest a sane solution to any technical problem?

If someone has left programming years ago then

  • How can he/she solve any technical problem?
  • How can he/she visualize that there is going to be a technical problem implementing a solution that he/she is suggesting?

I think answer to all of the above questions is, they can’t!

And I am making these claims out of personal experience.

Don’t miss its companion The Ivory Tower Architect. Deep Shah’s blog is very interesting because it is not tied to any particular technology/language. You will find articles on Ruby, C#, Android and so on…

Also, very good serie on Git and Git on SVN, in a real production environment:

Added to my Google Reader’s.

From jc.

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